• When setting health and fitness goals, use the S.M.A.R.T goal guidelines: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, Time

    Sample SMART goal:

    • General Goal: to improve cardiovascular endurance
    • Specific Goal: Run 2 miles in 20 minutes or less
    • Time Frame: 8 weeks (decrease time by 30 seconds each week)
    Possible barriers:
    Not enough motivation to workout Actions to overcome barriers:
    Pack workout bag the night before, keep a journal for progress

  • Goal #1

  • Goal #2

  • Goal #3

  • Common Exercise Barriers with Tips for Overcoming:

    Not Enough Energy:
    Choose a time of the day for your workouts when you typically have more energy
    Maintain regular sleep patterns averaging 7-8 hours per night
    Take short walks around the home or office to rejuvenate when feeling drained
    Not Enough Time:
    Break workout into shorter sessions
    Re-evaluate schedule to reduce unnecessary daily tasks and make your workout a priority
    Incorporate other responsibilities into exercise sessions (ex: an informal walking meeting)
    Not Enough Motivation:
    Keep a workout journal to regularly record and review progress
    Post goals in a highly viewed place as a reminder for what you want to achieve
    Recruit a workout buddy to initiate a positive social network