Beginning Wednesday, May 20th, 2020

New Social Distancing Procedures
2 Options: In person or via Zoom (for the Wednesday 5:45pm)
In person – Sign up is now required

1. Wednesday 5:45pm Class procedure: Send an email to [email protected] as early as 9:00am that morning (please no earlier to make it fair for everyone). In the email, please let me know:

a. Do you want to attend in person (maximum of 5 students for now) or via Zoom. If you are Zooming, please pay before 5pm that evening

b. If you are not one of the first 5, would you like to Zoom

2. I will email the Zoom link by 5:15pm that evening

In Person Procedure

3. A box of tissues will be outside the door, please feel free to use to open the door. A wastebasket will be inside the door to discard tissue

4. Remove shoes and head downstairs to the studio. The studio door will be open, so no need to touch anything

5. There are 6′ mat placement markings on the studio floor

6. Place your mat down, come to the top of your mat, ready to start practice 😊

Friday 5:30am Class:  In-person only because I will be recording these classes. Send an email to [email protected] as early as 9:00am Thursday if you wish to attend this class, and follow the same #3-6 procedures. Friday is still a donations class.

Wednesday price is the same. If you have a class card, no change until you use up your sessions. If you do not, please pay via PayPal ([email protected]) or Venmo (@Jennifer-Shelton-68) prior to class. 

              $15 per class
              $50 prepaid for 6 classes
              $75 prepaid for 10 classes
              $100 prepaid for 20 classes