Virtual and in-person classes for a more balanced lifestyle.
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FAV (Form and Variety)

This class is exactly what it sounds like — we’ll focus on form and there’s always variety.

In my FAV classes, you’ll get a combination of cardio, strength, balance, and flexibility work. Every class is different and tons of fun. You don’t need any equipment to join us — just a little space to move around! You can join us virtually, or if you’re in the Kansas City area, we meet in person at Frankin Park.

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Yoga is for every body. Reserve a spot in one of my yoga classes today with no commitment.

The hardest part of yoga is just getting started. But if you sign up for a class right now, and you’ll already be halfway there. There’s nowhere to go, and no commitment beyond a single class. 

Every yoga class incorporates flexibility, balance, cardio, and strength — and the variety ensures you’ll always be engaged. 

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virtual yoga class with jennifer shelton
Jennifer Shelton Balanced Personal Training


For those who prefer more scheduling flexibility, I offer a $20 monthly subscription to my on-demand yoga classes. With this subscription, you can access any class at any time. And I’m always adding new classes!

If you’d like to try it out before you commit, or just take the occasional class, you can access single classes for $5 each.

Personalized Training

Ready to make a longer-term commitment to your health and fitness? Let’s talk about a personal training package.