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Personalized training programs for the life you live right now.
virtual personal training

Everybody is different. And every person has unique lifestyle challenges — especially right now! That’s why I never use cookie-cutter workouts. 

Personalized Workout Plans

There’s more to life than physical fitness, and your exercise routine needs to work for the life you live right now — otherwise, it won’t really work at all.

Before we begin any physical work, I’ll assess your fitness and discuss your goals. Then I’ll develop a program that works for your life and still helps you achieve those goals. 

While every program is personalized, my workouts focus on a balance of strength, cardiovascular health, endurance, and flexibility. My detail to form, along with attentive instruction, minimizes the risk of injury and gets results. As you become fitter your needs and goals will change, and so will your workouts (that variety can help you stay motivated, too). 

New Clients

I’m currently accepting new virtual personal training clients and have a very limited number of in-person sessions available in the Kansas City area.

Not ready for a full training package? Ask me about my accountability programs! 


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virtual personal training

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